Drone Law Directory 2022

The legal situation for drones is becoming globally more complicated, and worst of all, nearly every country has their own entirely unique drone regulations now. You will find easy countries like the U.S., where a basic online registration is enough to get you airborne and a set of common-sense rules, but also complicated countries like Austria or Thailand, where in case of the former each drone needs a costly government registration with ridiculous conditions and in the latter case it is unclear and tough to figure out any regulations at all.

This directory of global drone laws and regulations is there to help prepare your travels and will be updated continuously. Please be aware that many countries change their drone laws on short notice, so please always verify the information found here with the actual authorities. Please also notice that this information is for entertainment purposes only and may not, under any circumstances, be considered legal advice.


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This list is to be continued. Check back regularly for updates!