Preparing the DJI Phantom 2 for flight

About the author

I’m excited to take you with me on my journeys around the world, taking pictures from above! This blog is dedicated to aerial photography, both with drones but also from airplanes.

Managing my own business, I get to travel around the world and have two things always with me: My drone and a camera. In many cases, the camera will just be my iPhone, but anyways – the best camera is still the one that you carry with you!

I am passionate about travel, photography, adventure and getting to know people and cultures around the world. I love both the technical aspect of flying drones and trying out new gear, as well as to edit beautiful pictures of my trips and share them with the world.

Flying with drones is becoming more and more of a legal battleground, and it is adamant for every traveler to inform themselves about drone regulations in their respective destination countries. I give an overview of the legal situation in many countries worldwide in my Drone Law Directory.

I also maintain a more general travel blog where you will find mostly non-drone related travel pictures – you can find it at

Have fun – and let me know your questions or comments!

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