Drone laws in Hong Kong

I finally did it. After years of circling the globe with my drones, I have finally come back to the place where it all started. DJI has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, which is just a stone’s throw from Hong Kong. They have recently opened their DJI Flagship store in Hong Kong as well.

One of the obvious things in such a crowded city is to know where you can and can’t fly your drone, I expected Hong Kong to be off limits to drone pilots anyway, but since I was commuting and had my Mavic Pro with me, I thought it was worth giving a try and informed myself about the rules. Here’s what i found:

Hong Kong Drone Rules

The first learning was that actually there are no laws regarding drone usage. There’s only a guideline from the Civil Aviation department (http://cad.gov.hk) but this is not a law but a guideline. Anyway, it is a very logical one that makes sense.

Basically Hong Kong is still a drone flyer’s paradise, at least from a legal perspective. The guideline says that as long as you fly safe, there should be no problems. And the guideline defines what the CAD sees as ‘safe flying’:

  • Not flying over 100m above ground and visual line of sight during daylight only
  • Not flying over congested areas and people, such as the inner parts of the city, Victoria Harbor, and anywhere where helicopter and airplane traffic could be expected
  • In general not flying over or near anything that could present a risk to safety in case of a crash or damage during flight.

The Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department has created a visual guide to show you the rules. You can find it below or grab a copy in the DJI Flagship store!

Hong Kong Drone Laws leaflet Hong Kong Drone Laws leaflet

Please be aware that mainland China’s drone laws are different from the ones in Hong Kong.

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