Flying Drones in Bangkok

Flying Drones in Thailand

The beauty of nature in Asia has always inspired my photography, and since I have my DJI Phantom, I like to fly in all these beautiful places and take pictures also from above. Thailand is no exception, here you find a vast amount of interesting motives to fly around and above. From ancient temples to pristine islands and beautiful villages in the jungle, there’s plenty to see.

On one of my recent trips, I took my drone to fly around Bangkok as well as to the beautiful area of Phang Nga Bay, near Phuket. And more and more, I really believe in taking my drone everywhere I go, because beautiful scenes pop up just as you go, and just as with your ordinary camera it all comes down to being at the right time in the right place.

Koh Panyee beautiful muslim village Koh Panyee beautiful muslim village

Recently, there has been a discussion in Thailand about banning drones for general public use. Recent news in the Bangkok Post suggests that the Thai military government is seeking to put in force a new drone law that will require pilots to get themselves and their drones licensed and registered. It also mentions huge fines and even jail terms for violators. As in many countries with problematic governments, also Thailand reacts to new technology such as drones with overly harsh measures due to fear.

Phang Nga Bay Longtail Boat Phang Nga Bay Longtail Boat

As for March 2015, this newly proposed law has still not been put into effect, as to my knowledge. I have had no problems flying anywhere in the country, and I talked to several Thai drone pilots that told me the same. As anywhere in the world, I recommend using common sense and caution when piloting your drone, such as these basic guidelines:

  • Don’t fly over people and in crowded areas
  • Avoid government buildings, religious sites and other sensitive areas
  • Stay far away from airports and restricted airspace; don’t fly too high in any case
  • Respect people’s privacy and ask for permission before filming people or flying close to private residence
  • Always maintain visual contact with your drone

If you stay within these perfectly logical boundaries, normally no one should bother you when flying your drone. And honestly, the most interesting areas for aerial photography are normally anyway outside the cities – in the mountains, on an island, out in nature – so I expect no one will be bothered by using a drone there.

James Bond Rock in Phang Nga Bay James Bond Rock as seen from above

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