Phang Nga Bay Longtail Boat

GoPro Karma is here

Today, GoPro has presented its long-awaited Karma drone. Or we shall better say, Karma System because the GoPro Karma is way more than just a drone. It is a versatile, mobile stabilized imaging system that can be combined in ways no other product can be.

GoPro Karma – more than just a drone

The Karma system consists of a detachable gimbal and a quadcopter UAS. The detachable gimbal remarkably can be used on its own, with an OSMO-like stick that can be attached to helmets, jackets, backpacks and other mounts GoPro offers. The stabilization GoPro shows in its Karma unveiling video is insane, seems almost unreal.

Then, the Karma drone. It is – just as expected – lightweight, foldable and small. It fits into any backpack, or simply into a new GoPro backpack system called Seeker. This is a major plus for sports and outdoor enthusiasts that love to bring their drone to all the exciting places they go, but didn’t so far because of its weight and form factor. The GoPro Karma drone will change all that. It is small enough and comfortable to carry so we will take it anywhere.

Video performance seems to be great, and the Karma fits also the newest release, the GoPro Hero 5. Which older models will be supported needs to be clarified still at this point.

That all being said, this new drone (and it is so much more than just a drone) is a fantastic gadget and a great addition to the GoPro line. In fact it could be the Product that saves GoPro from irrelevance. I’m in!


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