GoPro Karma is around the corner

GoPro’s Karma Drone is Around The Corner

GoPro had us waiting quite a while for what everyone expects to be the next breakthrough in drone technology. Since the rapid growth of DJI into this segment, and the subsequent change of a gimbal for GoPro’s camera towards the introduction of an ecosystem of DJI’s own cameras, GoPro has had difficulty to sell much of their gear to drone enthusiasts, at least.
But now GoPro wants to change that. Tomorrow, September 19, is the big day when Karma – so the name of the new Drone – will be finally released to the public.
What can we expect of KARMA?
GoPro has gone lengths in preparing fans for the coming of a new drone. And the expectations are high. A series of videos, carefully released over time, has evolved from being rather general in the beginning to being quite specific about the new drone’s features, size and – in the latest video – even looks.
Yes, looks. GoPro has done something tech companies usually never do hen they build up expectations on a new product: They actually showed it in the announcement video. For a short while, but it’s out there. See for yourself:
From what we have seen in the videos before, we can expect a much smaller, versatile drone than the market leader has. In one video, Karma raced through a university library, switching aisles in between books and effortlessly visiting students with their books. It can’t be very big to do these stunts.
A lightweight, easy-to-carry drone would be the killer for DJI. Undoubtedly the market leader and technological leader in drones nowadays, their advantage can dwindle easily if a product that is less clumsy and heavy is presented, especially if it offers similar specs. One of the major hurdles of actually bringing along and using the DJI Phantom is its weight and form factor, and a solution for that would be more than welcome.
Next, Karma seems to be an outdoor drone. Just as all other GoPro products, this is heavy gear designed to be out there and perform. So we can expect Karma to actually withstand more than others in this category, such as maybe water resistance or props that don’t break. Whatever it is, we are sure GoPro has something in hand, and we’re excited to see it.
Check back tomorrow upon release for a first glance at the new KARMA!

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