Taking your drone outdoors

One of the principal reasons to buy a drone was the chance to extend my perspective as a photographer and take shots from new angles that were never possible before. Many of these motives for great shots come up spontaneously during my travels, so it would be good to have my Phantom 2 with me all the time. Which I try to do recently, with breathtaking results.

All it takes is a nice backpack for the Phantom, and you’re all set! I got myself a custom-fitted backpack designed to hold the DJI Phantom 2 as well as all accessories. Loaded with two or three batteries and a power bank to charge the GoPro in between flights, this setup usually lasts for most day trips and you come in the evening with a memory card full of nice videos and photos.

During my last Asia trip, I tested the setup taking the following accessory items with me:

  • Two spare batteries
  • Charger including plug adaptor set
  • One 3000mAh power bank to recharge the GoPro
  • Prop mounting/de mounting tool (the one that ships with Phantom)
  • Paper tissues to clean lens and any other dirt

In many areas of the world, drones are still new to people, and while most are curious to see what it’s all about, some might get suspicious. That’s why I like the low-key look of the black backpack. It lets you walk away from the scene after u mounting the propellers in no time, and no one notices that you were the one that filmed.

The backpack also proved practical to go by motorbike, which I did in Asia, due to its light weight and rigidity. 

Batteries could be a limiting factor for air travel. You might know that Lithium batteries pose a moderate risk duE to their instability when damaged or exposed to water. Some airlines limit the amount of batteries you can take. In my experience though, during airport security checks, I have up to date not gotten a single question from the security personnel. Even wit ha the three batteries inside.

What’s your favorite outback experience with your drone? Feel free to add your comments and ideas!


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