DJI Phantom 2 Aerial Photography

Taking A New Perspective

Here it is, my new DJI Phantom 2 drone. I’ve wished for it for a very long time, and now here it’s right in front of me. It is time to take on a new perspective in photography. And I know this little white flying apparatus will not be my last one. Evolution in technology gives us new possibilities, and it is up to us to take them and make use of them. And have some serious fun. Let’s get started.

The first day is full of surprises. How reliable is this thing? Am I going to trash $1,200 within the first five minutes of test flight? I can’t wait. Weather is still a bit rainy and foggy, but I’m ready. As soon as the rain stops, I’m out and flying.

It is a new perspective. And I notice that for me, flying a drone is really two things. First, I’ve always loved flying. I have a private pilot license, and I love to take photos. Now, being a pilot of your own plane, the possiblities for taking photos are really limited. You’re responsible for your aircraft and the safety of others, including those on ground, and it is not really a good idea to take any risks here. Plus, legal restrictions force you to stay out of certain areas. On top of that, a fixed-wing aircraft can’t hover in mid-air and try several perspectives.

My new DJI Phantom 2 gives me all of that. It is truly, as they call it, ‘the spirit of flight’. You learn to see the world with new eyes. My thoughts shift to a totally new, undiscovered realm: From “This is impossible” to “Everything is possible”. Scenes that were difficult to even envision now become part of the standard repertoire. A nice sunset? Take it from above the trees, naturally. Frame pictures in a new way. Sometimes it is not about altitude, but just about a tiny shift in perspective. This is good. This is great. I could get used to it!

We will see where my new toy will lead me. For sure, new adventures. I am planning to take it on all my trips, business and private, and to find even just a little time to fly it wherever I go, and bring home pictures from a new perspective. A new frontier. The spirit of flight has arrived.


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